Religious Belief and Practice

Know about the religious beliefs andpractices of Jewish Americans  Writtenby: mehreen     America is one of thehighly industrialized places. People living in America are living a fast pacedlife and they are capable of influencing more number of people and even theones who are very religious. This is the reason we see that the immigrants areadapting to their lifestyle rather than sticking totally on to their owntraditions and values.

The best example you would find in America is the JewishAmericans. However, the religious beliefs and practices of Jewish Americans aresomewhat different from the traditional Jews. Let’s have a look at the impactof the American culture on the Jewish people who are living in America.    Identity As we know that the Jews are always connected with Judaism as Judaism istheir actual religion. However, nowadays, you would find more and more Jewsidentifying themselves with atheism.   Religion  Many Jews are describingthemselves as someone who is not at all religious as they say that they don’tbelieve in any of the religions. Initially, the Jew immigrants bought theirculture and traditions with them to America. However, later, the followinggenerations started relying more upon the educational institutes for teachinghistory to their kids.

This is the main reason for the traditional practices todecrease or change if not completely disappear. Even now, there are some Jewishfamilies living in America who takes their children to Jewish themed vacationsfor teaching their kids their traditions and cultures.    Death Happiness is something which everyone craves for in their lives.However, a person can never experience actual happiness if he/she doesn’t getto experience sadness. A large number of Americans almost deny the existence ofdeath and they even glorify death with expensive coffins and prettydecorations.

They believe that the person is either still alive or settledalright. Basically, they deny death and mourning. However, this is not the casewith Jews. You would find in Judaism that the funerals, inspite of beingceremonial, remain very natural. There is no cremation and embalming in Judaismas Jews believe that the dead body shall return to the place where it belongs,that is the ground, in the way they are. Moreover, they complete the burialprocess as soon as possible. However, the American Jews have started adaptingthe American ways of mourning and some of them even do cremation.    Intermarriage  Traditionally, inter-marriages between Jewsand non-Jews were not allowed. However, after the Jews migrated to America, theinter-marriages slowly started being accepted among few people.

Nowadays, youwould find inter-marriages being widely accepted among the American Jews.Mostly, you would find the American Jews who are atheists going forinter-marriages.    Below are few ways inwhich you can help your Jewish children staying in America to always stayconnected to their religion:    ·Firstly,make them understand the existence of God.   ·Show them the traditions and culture of Jews so that they can feelconnected to their roots.    · Help themunderstand the holy book and make sure they read it regularly.    ·Tell them more about death.

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